Thermal profiling, energy efficiency, and equipment upgrades to optimize your bakery’s process and resource usage.

Repair & Modernization

AMF’s dedicated repair and modernization teams provide comprehensive performance evaluations and service for your existing proofers, ovens, and coolers to extend the life of your bakery equipment. Offered for a wide range of equipment brands, our R&M Group is focused on modernizing your equipment to bring it to the highest AMF standards without the additional capital costs. Click Here to learn more about our services for oven relocations, rebuilds, enclosures, extensions, and more.

Emisshield® Technology for Ovens

Exclusive to the baking industry through AMF Bakery Systems, Emisshield® Energy Saving Oven Technology reduces energy consumption in thermal applications up to 20%. The patented Nano-Emissive technology increases oven capacity and improves the uniformity of baked bread and buns.

Emisshield coating is applied to the oven tracks in the BakeTech Continuous Oven to maintain a cooler chain temperature for significantly longer chain life. Lubrication cycles are also extended with the application of Emisshield, resulting in 50% savings on overall oil consumption so you can oil half as often.

SCORPION® 2 Profiling System

The SCORPION 2 Profiling System by Reading Bakery Systems has become the standard in the baking industry providing a complete measurement system to capture the four key baking parameters: temperature, air velocity, heat flux, and humidity. With the SCORPION 2 System, you can measure and analyze baking, drying, and cooling thermal processes. AMF’s team of thermal experts utilize the data-logging technology to monitor real-time, in process conditions when optimizing baking parameters during startup or repair.

Local Support,

At AMF, the proof of our success is when our customers rise to the top. AMF is the only complete baking solutions provider with locations throughout North America and the world. We help bakeries minimize their risks and stay online with local service and support around the globe.

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