Imagine what’s next.
Experience what’s possible.

Making your product ideas a reality

The AMF Tromp Innovation Center has been specially designed to help and assist our customers in developing the highest quality products on the latest technological bakery equipment in the industry. Our customers know the products they want to produce and within our Innovation Center we can prove that production is technically possible. We will also help develop the process for producing the highest quality products at the speeds you require.

From idea to formulation to finished concept

Seeing is believing.

Within the Innovation Center you have the opportunity to work with technology experts, connect with strategic partners, and collaborate with AMF’s team of master bakers to further develop your product line. Our facility is a perfect production duplicate with climate controlled environment and state-of-the-art standards within the test facility. Our team will work with you to consult, optimize, adjust, and fully test your product without disrupting your production time within your own plant.

New product ideas become a reality at the AMF Tromp Innovation Center. Join us May 5th, 2020 for our annual Innovation Summit as we unpack the various technologies available to grow your product portfolio for maximum profitability.

  • Learn from technology experts
  • Connect with strategic partners
  • Collaborate with AMF’s team of master bakers
  • Discover the industry’s leading production solutions for premium baked products with live equipment demos

Register for our 2020 Innovation Summit

When: May 5th, 2020
Where: Gorinchem, The Netherlands
– Ingredients: Helping You Achieve Higher Margins and Improved Product Quality
– Mixing: Continuous Mixing by Reading Bakery Systems
– Complete Bread Lines: Including Applications & Sanitation
– Complete Pizza Lines: Including Applications & Sanitation
– Make-up Line Demonstrations: Pizza, Ciabatta
– Hydrogen Fueled Ovens: Reducing Emissions & Costs

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